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I'm working to change the world, one life at a time Meet Me!

Hey, My name is Prerit.

I'm an innovator from Boulder, Colorado with a nack for solving the bigger problems in the world - with the help of 1's and 0's and a few cups of coffee.

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying Electrical Engineering with a focus on network and embedded systems. I am fascinated by the recent developments in the virtual machines and containers and hope that through my education, I will better understand and contribute to this rapidly-growing field.

During my college years, I have also had experiences working in mobile app development, a biomedical engineering lab focusing on nanofabrication and a few aerospace engineering labs in which I was able to contribute to with my background in Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems programming.

Personal Projects

"Nothing great was ever achieved without motivation"

Career Interests

Here are a few things that I believe I'm good at!

1. Research

Being able to continue my research in Network Systems and containers to provide serverless computing at data centers.

2. Problem Solving

Being able to break down complex problems into smaller attainable goals so that I can develop a better understanding and the impossible seems possible.

3. Artifical Intelligence

Interested in learning more about Artifical Intelligence principles and how these principles can change our everyday interactions with technology to create those connections in our lives that we've always been missing.

4. Developer Relations

Being able to be a part of a community which is at the center of technical knoweldge and innovation to provide developers with the tools they need to create next generation applications.

5. Project Management

Great products are created by great teams and great teams require outstanding leadership. Interested in immersing and learning from industry leaders in how to effectively manage and lead a team to deploy the best products in the market.

6. Software Development

Passionate about writing code which not only powers this computer but changes lives. Focused on developing software which paves the way for future generations and technology.


"Never let classes get in the way of your education"

My Education 2014 - Now

With a focus on Embedded and Network Systems.

Teaching Assistant for Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Capstone Class

Research Assistant at the Networks and Systems Research (NSR) Lab


Minors: Leadership Studies, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science
Certificates: President's Leadership Class, Engineering Leadership Program

Officer for Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) Electrical Engineering Honors Society
2016 - 2018: Member of Tau Beta Pi (TBP) Engineering Honors Society
2015 - 2018: Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Engineering Fellow - Selection and service as a Fellow is one of the College's highest Honors.

Work Experience 2012 - Now
AY 2018-2019

Looking into novel applications of distributed containers in cloud computing.

Summer 2018

Using Google's Flutter framework and the language DART, developed a social media application called PunchMob for both iOS and Android.

Expected Google Play Store & App Store Arrival Date: August 2018


Develop wireless neural probes investigating the applications of optogenetics and microfluid dispersion to characterize brain activity in mice

Developed novel methods through which Gallium could be used to for wearable and stretchable “skin-like” electronics

2015 - 2017

Achieved certification by Spaceflight Mission Operations team to operate on NASA satellites worth over $2 billion (including the Kepler Space Telescope) to actively resolve anomalies and plan science and engineering experiments

Modeled engineering data (via Python and IDL) to provide suggestions on methods to mitigate spacecraft battery failure, improve anomaly resolution time and extend mission lifetime

Created an engineering-data driven web application to streamline communication between staff by 50%


Implementation and Testing of the Electrical Aspect of the CubeSat

Worked with PCB Design Software - Altium Designer and PCB Editor - to develop the motherboard and the different daughter-boards that were to be used in the CubeSat.

Worked closely with Master Students and a Research Professor to identify various problems that may negatively impact satellite during orbit and solve such occurrences from happening

Summer 2013

Researched into factors that would be able to make a commercial available drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) completely autonomous by implementing a widely accessible GPS Module onto it

Programmed in C and learned to effectively use the available SDK to access the different sensors as well as the motors.


"Everyone should have a erason to celebrate sometimes"

University of Colorado Engineering Fellow Selection and service as a Fellow is one of the College's highest Honors.
Harvard Business School Peek Weekend Scholar Invited by Harvard’s School of Business to preview the MBA program and meet current students and alumni
Stanford Future Leader Scholar Invited by Stanford’s GSB to engage in personal leadership development and collaborate with faculty
President's Leadership Scholar Selected as one of the top incoming 50 scholars in the class of CU Boulder 2014 to be a part of a leadership development program
Additional Awards National Collegiate Scholar Ball-PLC Scholar 2015/2016 Flanagan-PLC Scholar Future Leader Martial Arts Scholar Engineering Merit Scholar CU Esteemed Scholar Student Success Scholar Community Positive Impact Scholar


Here is a list of things that I am good at with completely arbitary percent values and fancy charts

Embedded C
Backend Development
Web Development
Mobile App Development

Personal Milestones

It's only the beginning..

5 Cups of Coffee
0 Hours Worked
0 Lines of Code
0 Problems Solved

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