Why I’m Starting a Blog

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. Developers use them to showcase their new applications, VCs use them as a platform to identify new trends and others write blogs for the sole purpose of sharing the best places to eat around town - Fooducopia being one of my favorite food blogs for places to eat in Denver.

Either way, I’ve decided to embark on the journey of blogging as well, but for none of the reasons that I previously mentioned. Writing has always been something that has helped me organize my thoughts and for a long time, I’ve kept this writing private and very close to myself. To go along with that, I am a very very poor writer and my articles are often just a complete brain dump of a topic that I have been researching or working on for the past few days. However, now that I have graduated with a Masters and wish to pursue a career in research and work towards a PhD in in Systems and Computer Architecture, it is becoming ever more clear that I’m going to be working on very open-ended problems, and I’m not entirely certain how to approach them.

And this is why I have decided to start a research blog. I’m hoping that this platform will allow me to organize my thoughts and think through problems in a more procedural manner. I have also found that when reading through academic papers, I tend to become more passive and just focus on the results. I’d like to change this habit and become a more active reader by creating literature reviews for the papers that I’m reading - a practice that I picked up in a graduate class at CU. At the time, it felt like yet another assignment but looking back at it, it really helped me understand the procedure and consequences of the academic paper.

Finally, I’m hoping that this opportunity will help me improve my writing! I welcome all and any feedback on the posts and you can contact me via Twitter. Additionally, if I’ve messed up in explaining or understanding a topic, I’d sincerely appreciate you reaching out to me and letting me know.

Finally, I’d like to leave you all with a quote that has always intrigued me:

“When you’re young you have the impression that almost everything is known. Now I have this feeling that almost everything is unknown about mathematics.” - Richard Schwartz

And although it references mathematics, I believe that this is indicative of all fields. It’s time for us to investigate the unknowns and assumptions of the software systems in our lives and I hope this platform allows me to do jus that - along with shedding some light on my research.