Hey, I’m Prerit

.. and I focus on building systems and platforms for the future generation.

It’s evident that technology has changed every aspect of our lives in the last decade and it’ll continue to have an even greater impact moving forward. Anyone who has access to the internet can learn how to code, develop and build applications to create a brighter future. However, the majority of today’s systems and platforms aren’t built in a fashion to accommodate this rapid growth in development and that is wherein my research and development focus lies.

What I’m currently doing

I have recently received my Masters in Electrical Engineering from CU - Boulder, where I chose to focus on Network and Embedded Systems under the guidance and mentorship of Professor Eric Keller. This spring, I am continuing to work with Professor Keller in investigating cloud elasticity in data centers by developing flexible serverless environments and choosing to focus on understanding the inner workings of container resource allocation and usage.

I’ve recently started to write more regarding my research, books that I’ve read and anything/everything that I’ve found interest in. You can check out some of that writing out here.

What I’ve done and built

You can checkout my previous work and a short list of projects at this link. I’m also actively working on a few side projects and will be updating the list as it becomes more exhaustive.

During the summer of 2019, I worked at Arista Networks in Santa Clara, CA as a software engineering intern where I worked on the Packet Processing Pipeline Team, which focused on reliably routing packets through switches in a data center at speeds of up to 100Gb/s. I specifically worked on researching and implementing the support of IPv6 forwarding on the Broadcom Strata chips and this is where I realized that I have a very strong interest in data center networking along with building systems at scale and looking at platforms and systems which will power the future generation of cloud applications.

During my graduate studies, I worked as a Teaching Assistant for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone Course where I led teams of 4-6 students through a complete embedded systems design cycle, from identifying product requirements through design reviews and tiers of testing with the end goal of having a working product ready to release to public.

Additionally, for one of my graduate courses, I decided to investigate the concept of kernel bypass techniques such as AF_XDP sockets and research the limitations and performance gains offered by this technique, as well as write a prototype application using AF_XDP sockets, which would mimic the traffic within a data center for serverless workloads. We ultimately benchmarked our custom application and compared that to the applications deployed in Google’s and Microsoft’s data centers to show higher throughput and lower latencies for TCP based connections. Project Repo

During my undergraduate career at CU Boulder, I was a part of many organizations and clubs on campus as well as on the Club Taekwondo Team where I placed 3rd nationally for my weight class and belt ranking. At the time, I received a few honors when graduating:

Let’s Connect!

There are multiple ways to reach out to me if you’re interested in getting in touch!

Finally, I recently learnt about read.gift on Twitter and if you’d like to buy me a book, I’d be very grateful! You can find me at: /u/thepreritoberai.