AF_XDP sockets + Serverless Computing is an idea that a group of graduate students and I came across in Professor Eric Rozner’s Data Center Networking class this past semester.


Vboard is an accessibility customizable human interface device which works with any bluetooth enabled device.

Realtime Preliminary Melanoma Detector was a project I worked on with one of my friends where we used the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 and Logitech C200 webcam to create a live video melanoma detector that can identify skin moles and classify them as malignant or benign in real-time. Project Repo

Sound Vibes was a hackathon project where a team of 2 studentd and I built web app + Particle Photon embedded system to classify an emotional tone upon hearing an audio signal. Won third place at CU’s inaugural hardware hackathon “Phase 2018”.

GeneFreq is a project which uses a Bayesian algorithm (written in R) to model and determine an individual’s chance of developing cancer given one’s genome based on public data from The Human Genome Project and exposure to different sources of radiation. Won best use of Amazon Web Services at JHU MedHacks 2.0.

IRIS was a Google Chrome Extension application allowing for users to control and navigate the browser with their voice – targeted towards patients who have Parkinson’s Disease and extreme nerve tremor. Won Best Use of Houndify API at PennApps XIII.

personalEmails was a Google Chrome extension that would allow individuals to write emotionally intelligent emails to one another using IBM Watson’s Personality Insight API. Won 3rd place overall at HackCU

3D Print 4 Redcross was a project where we focused on building a web application which would allow freelance 3D printers to receive .stl files to print and ship to the nearest RedCross accessible.

OEC Mobile App was an attempt to use the OEC Web API to create an app (using Flutter) to provide the same rich experience on mobile devices.

And much more.. I’m planning on building more next few months and will be periodically updating this page.